Android smartphones – Rooting

We all are living in a century were emerging technology is taking control over our life and making us dependent on it for all our day to day activities. One of those technology is the trend of smartphones.
Most of us now dependent on smartphones but do all of us know to get the best out of your smartphones ?
Answer may be – ‘No’. Every day we see people struggling with their smartphones – ‘My phone got stuck again…. ‘
Very few of us know how to tweak your smartphone and make it perform at its best. One of the basic thing of smartphone tweaks starts with the ‘Rooting‘.
Now you might be thinking what is this rooting ??? So rooting in simple terms can be stated as accessing the restricted areas of your smartphones.
Every manufacturer would like their buyers to use the software which they provide on their smartphones, so they restrict the removal or change of their software from their smartphones.
Here, by the term software – I mean ‘ROM’ which is the interface built to interact with the smartphone’s hardware.

Note: ***Rooting your smartphone will void it’s warranty***

Lot of developers all over the world are developing Rom’s for different smartphones and to install it on your smartphone you need to root your device first and then only you can flash the new rom.
You might be thinking why will I install a new rom on my smartphone which will void my phone’s warranty ?
To run your device at its best and use new features developed by great android developers, you will have to install new rom (Called as ‘Custon rom’) which the developer tweak in such a way to perform best and run smooth on the particular phone’s hardware.
Also, to add one more point here – developers have developed such applications like- ‘Triangle Away’ which can make your smartphones regain warranty even after rooting. Various methods are available to bring back smartphones under warranty after rooting.

Rooting provides you with following benefits:

  • Performance Tuning
  • Easy backup (Apps and it’s data) – Using ‘Titanium Backup’ application
  • Helps you run various applications to make small but useful tweaks like: Tweakbox, Xposed Installer
  • Block Ads in all apps using AdAway
  • Remove the pre-installed apps from your phone which is never used (Called as ‘bloatware’)
  • Flash custom roms
  • Flash custom kernels
  • Keep your phone up-to-date with latest android version even if manufacturer is not providing the update
  • Administrator privileges – Get full control over your phone
  • Customize your android smartphone with different available themes
  • and many more …..

Root your phone and discover your own benefits 🙂


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