Top 5 reason to buy Google’s Android One program smartphone

Late 2008, smartphone market got a much required push from the launch of google’s open source operating system – Android. This opportunity was well received by manufacturers around the world. In few years of launch, many new players pitched-in to smartphone manufacturing envisioning android as operating system of future smartphone.
Being open source, android can be easily customized as needed by smartphone manufacturer as a result user doesn’t get to experience the pure android version which is announced every year by google.
Lack of expertise in optimization while customizing android by various OEMs cause the user experience to suffer and we end-up with a laggy interface even though the hardware is top notch.
If you know any android enthusiast in your friend circle, he would have definitely told you sometime about stock android experience which people prefer over custom android experience.
To have people experiencing their pure android, google started launching stock android smartphone every year by collaborating with various manufacturer that were known as Nexus device.
As we all know nexus device line-up came to an end in 2015 and google moved on to higher end device making called as Pixel which compete with iPhone’s.
To bring the near stock android experience for budget smartphone buyers, google announced Android One program back in 2014 were  google manages the design, development, marketing, and support of these devices while all manufacturing are carried out by partnering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
Image Source: Google
So here are my top 5 reasons to look forward in any Android one device:
1. Stock Android – User get to experience the pure android directly from Google. Minimal customization is done by oem just to get their all hardware work smoothly. For illustration – Consider Mi A1 launched a month ago were they used customized camera app to support their dual camera set-up and utilized IR blaster by integrating Mi Remote app in the system app.

2. Early Android Updates – With this program, you get assurance from google for at least two years of OS upgrade to latest version and you can enjoy every new features launched by google with their latest android.

Image Source: Google

3. Zero Bloatware – No pre-installed oem’s application which hardly any buyer is interested in and that means no wastage of phone’s storage.

4. Butter-Smooth User Experience – This is the top most priority for me while picking up any smartphone because if the overall experience in day-to-day usage is not at par then, every plus point of the phone goes in vain.
With stock android you will always get the best user experience as google make sure every piece of code is perfectly optimized.
5. Google’s Great Camera App – Trust my word, Google’s Image processing is out-standing. Their camera app is near perfect ¬†to push your smartphone’s camera sensor to its limit and take out the best possible shot. HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) feature too works very well. In simple terms, you can capture every moments perfectly with google’s camera app.
Note: This app might not be available for all android one program phones because of some compatibility issues with the hardware but in near future google’s update to camera app might make it compatible with the advanced hardware (Ex- Mi A1).

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