Google Maps introduced ‘Two Wheeler Mode’ in India

Being a biker, I always looked for dedicated route on google maps to plan road trips but unfortunately that option was never available and had to sort it out by myself looking at drive mode route of cars. In India, we have many expressways/highways prohibited for two-wheeler and If you follow drive mode navigation you would end-up violating the rules which might incur you huge fine. Google understood the variation India has in terms of route for two wheeler/four wheeler and came to rescue with dedicated navigation guide for two-wheeler called as ‘Two-Wheeler mode’ in their android app.
The new Two-wheeler mode in Google Maps features customized routing and voice-guided navigation, apart from enhanced landmark navigation. It has has been incorporated to help bikers in the country find the suitable & fastest route to reach destination utilizing shortcuts/narrow roads that car cannot.India being world’s largest two-wheeler market, no wonder google developed this as ‘India-first feature’ which might roll-out to other countries later.
As two-wheeler mode is newly launched, expect it to provide some wrong suggestion initially. This will get improved over time with updates. Till then whenever in doubt about the route, pull over and ask the people to guide you to your destination – India’s traditional navigation system 😉

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