What car badging signify – DDiS, CRDi?

In our daily commute, we see lot of cars passing by and most of us admire them too but do all of us know about that small but significant badging done on cars by most of the car manufacturer ?
Look at the below images and you will recollect that you have seen these on many cars and even on the one you own.
Suzuki Ignis (Left), Hyundai i20 (Right)

At first glance of these badges, a quick question will come to your mind – what do they stand for?

But before jumping into that, lets understand it’s significance:
Badge denotes the technology running the under hood engine of that particular car. Be it a diesel or petrol car, engine technology is displayed in the form of badge on cars.
Technology behind diesel or petrol engine varies so you will never see the same badge on both petrol/diesel variant of a particular model. For example – consider Suzuki Swift, they have ‘DDiS’ badge on their diesel variant cars whereas ‘VVT’ on petrol variant.
In this post, we will be covering the badges used on diesel cars. Most popular ones which you might have seen are:-
Suzuki’s – ‘DDiS’ : Diesel Direct Injection System
Hyundai’s- ‘CRDi’ : Common Rail Direct Injection
As name suggest, this is a diesel Injection system used in modern diesel engines.
In general, this technology is known as ‘Common Rail Direct Injection‘ were we have a common rail maintaining fuel at high pressure up to 3,000 bar and in turn feed that to solenoid/piezoelectric fuel injectors. This technology is widely used in diesel engines but same principle is applied in few petrol engines too were it is named as Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)
High pressure pump supplies pressurized fuel to common distribution rail and depending upon signals received from various car sensor, ECU control the actuation of fuel injector and in turn pressurized fuel is injected in to the engine cylinder which results in effective combustion.
CRDI System
Most of the modern diesel engine operate on this crdi technology, difference between various manufacturer comes only in naming standard just to stand out from their competition. Few manufacturer further enhance this technology based engine’s with additional tweak to get the best performance out of beast’s heart.

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